Thank You OWN! & how to support the work of Young Chicago Author’s Louder Than A Bomb

we are grateful and delighted the LTAB doc made its television premiere on the OWN channel this evening. you’ve a seen glimpse of the work we are doing year-round in Chicago and, because the film, in cities across the planet.

we invite you to help us create public spaces where young people can tell their story. you can do this in many ways. of course, you can donate to the non-profit organization, Young Chicago Authors that puts on Louder Than A Bomb every year. (there is a button over to your right & please read the post below)

we also hope you will COME to the 12th Annual Louder Than A Bomb in Chicago, Feb 18-March 10. you can participate in many ways: start a team at your school, bring students and young people, be a great audience member, connect us to the local high schools in your neighborhood or town.

& we hope you will consider STARTING a LOUDER THAN A BOMB in your city and/or state. Young Chicago Authors can HELP YOU. please email our National Outreach Coordinator Anna Festa at:

we believe the work we are doing at YCA and LTAB is helping to change the culture of Chicago bringing young people together across borders they are typically kept from crossing and re-engaging students in the process of their own education. please join us in this work.

stay in touch at & &

we look forward to hearing from you.
kevin coval
poet. artistic director of Young Chicago Authors
co-founder of Louder Than A Bomb