Spotlight #LTAB Participant of the Week:

Malcolm London                                                                   
Age: 20
Teaching Artist Young Chicago Authors (YCA)
LTAB Experience: Four years
College Slam participant


Malcolm London grew up on the West side of Chicago and attended Lincoln Park High School. He joined YCA in 2009 as a participant in Louder Than A Bomb. After winning LTAB as an individual poet, Malcolm went on to be featured in the television series “Verse and Flow,” and is currently a member of YCA’s teaching artist core. This year London will be competing in the College Slam portion of the festival.

A few words with Malcolm

How would you describe your high school years participating in LTAB?

“In a very literal since, LTAB was high school for me. I started my junior year and the moment I came to compete I fell in love with the community and felt I learned more about my peers, my city, and this world through the writing of young people. High school was a place of cliques, gossip and guarded insecure teens judging everyone else, and ironically LTAB, being a place where you bring poems to get judged, made me feel accepted and apart of a community where sharing hurt, insecurities and even ecstatic stories earned you enrollment.”


What is the most important part of the LTAB experience?

“Well in a city like Chicago, being extremely segregated, its an incredible experience to have so many schools from so many different neighborhoods under one roof exchanging their stories, connecting and getting to know one another. Bringing folks together to hear young people report from their perspective instead of being fed one through television or the internet or a newspaper is a very important and eye opening experience.”


How does the college slam work?

The college slam is was created to offer a stage to college aged poets who can’t compete during the high school competition yet still want to be apart of LTAB, and it operates the same way a traditional slam does as far as rules go.


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