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Crossing The Street

February 15th 2014

Lindbloom High School

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“They closed his school. I can’t have him walking in unfamiliar areas. He’ll get killed. I can’t drive him. I asked, why they couldn’t help the school instead of closing it? I pleaded with the principal. They’re taking away a public freedom.” – single mother from Paderewski Elementary speaking on the recent school closings


Never has Louder Than A Bomb seemed timelier. The festival has always been a platform for students to share their stories and find the power in their own voice. That was the goal. But this year… It’s different. More than ever, the youth of our city want their freedom to be heard!


Throughout the year our teaching artists have been leading workshops, performances, long-term residencies and poetry slams all over the city of Chicago. The overwhelming topic of interest for youth has been The Board of Education’s decision to close over 50 Chicago Public Schools.


We heard it from students at Delano Elementary, as they shouted from LTAB finals stage to a sold out Cadillac Palace Theatre audience “Please don’t close our school!”


We heard it from our Chicago Beat journalism program participants, as they chose public education as their yearlong inquiry.


We hear it everyday while perusing submissions to our Young Chicago Authors blog.


Now it’s time for the world to hear!


Young Chicago Authors in partnership with Columbia College Chicago are proud to present Louder Than A Bomb 2014: Freedom in Education. We are dedicating this LTAB to the oral histories of CPS students, parents, teachers, affiliates, administrators and staff. Throughout the festival, we will be asking participants the question – Where / who are you educated by, in hopes of bringing their voices to the forefront of public education in Chicago.


#YCAFAM, it is with pleasure we bring to you #LTAB2014.


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