I Met… Love

By: Deja Sawyer

I met…love.
Didn’t see it coming.
Shot up and swept me off my feet.
Swift! Quick and forceful. Yes, I met her.
Beautiful in it and unsightly out of it.
I met love through the years.
We always kind of knew each other, she left when my heart closed.
Our time apart was long.
She never came to visit or said hello.
Just trapped me in darkness and confusion.
Didn’t know where to find her or what direction to go.
Driving with no address,
Driving with the lights off,
Driving on an empty road.
I met…love.
No letting go,
I held her tight and against my heart.
She felt it beat.
The rhythm flowed, delicate and precise.
See, my heart knew love arrived.
She never left.
Right now she’s resting with my heart,
Moving slow and steady.
She’s comfortable here, no need to leave.

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