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The Lesson 6/14/2017

The Lesson 6/14/2017

Hello YCA Fam, 

Today is Wednesday, June 14th, and we have two prompts for you today. Every Wednesday we will be sharing a writing prompt to help you write. If you choose to write, please tag us on social media: @youngchiauthors on Twitter & @youngchicagoauthors on Instagram.

Today's prompt features work from Jamaica Kincaid, Cortney Lamar Charleston, G Yamazawa, & Nikki Giovanni:

HOW TO BE [__________] 

Things you are expected to be good at based on your identity
Quintessential books/movies/songs associated with your identity
Dangers/challenges people of your identity face
Sayings or tropes you often hear people of your identity say to each other


GIRL by Jamaica Kincaid

Blackness as a compound of if statements by Cortney Lamar Charleston


A poem giving insider instructions on how to be a member of your identity.



- Chores and responsibilities you had
- Places you didn't like being brought to
- Places you liked to go to
- Sayings/advice your parent/elders use to tell you growing up
- Things you wished you had when you were younger
- Prized possessions when you were young
- Anything you got disciplined/in trouble for
- Things you remember loving to eat when you were young


Dining Room” by G Yamazawa


Nikki-Rosa” Nikki Giovanni


Write a portrait of your childhood the way you would want it to be remembered.