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The Lesson 7/19/2017

The Lesson 7/19/2017

Today is Wednesday, July 19th, and we have a brand new writing prompt for you. Every Wednesday we will be sharing a writing prompt to help you write. If you choose to write, please tag us on social media: @youngchiauthors on Twitter & @youngchicagoauthors on Instagram. 

Today's writing prompt will help you build strong images that you can use for future poems. 

A color that carries a specific meaning to you
A typical smell outside in Chicago
A word or phrase you love to say or write
Name of a street you’re familiar with
Vegetable/ fruit you don’t like
Piece of advice, quote or saying that has stuck with you
Word or phrase your family likes to use or say
Name of a superhero
Favorite Chicago food
Object you carry around everyday
A word you hear often but don’t know the meaning of
Favorite animal
Particular hairstyle you aspire to
A question you want to know the answer to
Clothing item popular when you were young
Your ideal weather
Your dream birthday present
Best Halloween costume you ever had

Writing prompt:

Write a poem starting with “I remember...” using as many words/phrases from your list as possible.Try to include a reference to each of the five senses.