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Jacky's Playlist

Jacky's Playlist

By Jacqueline Nunez 

During the last few years, music has evolved from what it used to be. Artist Chance the Rapper focuses on ethereal lyrics and vivacious beats while artists such as Bruce Slaughter and Jaytekz almost strictly focuses on talking about more somber subjects such as depression, demons, and death. Overall, these artists have different approaches to their music but are all succeeding in their careers.

Chance the Rapper, “Wonderful Everyday”

Paying homage to PBS’ show Arthur, Chance delivers a cover of “Believe in Yourself” by Judy Henderson with his own twist. Remembered by “it could be wonderful every day," the uplifting lyrics makes any person grateful for the life they're living. Chance's colorful beat and harmonization helps remind people how a day should be lived fearlessly. The tempo of the song is very slow which eases the listener into a sermon; the dynamics are soft which makes the song louder, with the help of a few crescendos before and decrescendos after the hook. Overall this song has a catchy melody and is perfect for all audiences. It is enriched with a feeling of grace and soul. "Wonderful Everyday" is a serene description of life with a lighthearted Rhythm. 

Bruce Slaughter, “One”

Bruce Slaughter talks about wanting to show his feelings towards someone, though expressing these feelings will most likely lead to "losing his cool" and exposing his narcissistic views. He briefly mentions God and church in order to show his true feelings; Although his ‘‘demons" sometimes show, they've been haunting him while he is attempting to be strong for this person. Within 4-minutes, a steady tempo, laid back but eerie lyrics, and legato slurs create a thought-provoking guttural ambient.

Jaytekz, “Can you tell me”

“Can you tell me” by Jaytekz talks to his audience about the depression he is going through. He mentions that although his life is a blessing, he still wants to give up sometimes. He acknowledges how many people have given up on him and how he no longer has a clear view of what it is he needs to do. He is also unsure what people want to see from him because everything is deceiving. His music holds a common rap beat with a few seconds of what sounds like a cello, a steady tempo, and consistent dynamic. Jaytekz's expressiveness and the instrumental balances shows his prowess on the subject in a melancholic way, leaving the audience wanting more.