Young Chicago Authors receives vital funding from foundations, corporations, government agencies and individuals. Without the support of our philanthropic community, we would not be able to provide innovative creative writing programs to Chicago Youth.

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Of students in YCA’s Education Partnerships program realized gains in artistic, social, or emotional skills


Zip codes in the greater Chicago area were brought together through our weekly programming and Rooted & Radical Youth Poetry Festival


Young people between the ages of 13 and 23 yrs directly served each year


Of program participants felt like they were better writers because of YCA


Lit Champs

Lit Champs

Join our monthly giving program. As a Lit Champ your commitment to monthly donations helps our organization provide free year-long programming to youth in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. By becoming a Lit Champ, you are empowering a new generation of poets, artists, authors, and activists to pursue their desire to tell their stories. Ready to champion the unapologetic storytelling of Chicago youth?

Rooted & Radical

$25 provides commemorative Moleskin notebooks for Rooted & Radical participants

This newly imagined festival rethinks scoring and judging to empower participants and get back to the heart of creating a community for young people to share their stories in a non-competitive environment.


$50 covers the cost of one open workshop series such as Queeriosity

This includes paying young people to lead the workshop, materials and supplies for attendees, transportation costs, etc.

Writing Teachers Collective

$75 covers costs of two Writing Teachers Collective workshops

The Writing Teachers Collective is a space to bridge the gap between classroom teachers, mentors, and teaching artists. By sharing best practices, curriculum ideas, and common struggles we can build a better literary community across the borders of Chicago.


$100 sponsors the stipend of one Youth Advisory Council member

The Youth Advisory Council focuses on enhancing accountable space practices, programming and outreach, organizational policies, and overall YCA atmospheres. These individuals will be trusted to honorably implement change and voice the ideas and concerns of their peers.


As a monthly donor, you will receive a monthly newsletter with a specially selected poem from one of our YCA Alum, staff, or current student participant.

The following giving levels will receive the following perks:

  • $25 – Lit Champ button
  • $50 – Lit Champ button + t-shirt
  • $75 – Lit Champ button, t-shirt, and signed chapter book
  • $100+ – all perks of $75 donation plus free ticket to our Rooted & Radical finals

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