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Jacky’s Playlist

By Jacqueline Nunez  During the last few years, music has evolved from what it used to be. Artist Chance the Rapper focuses on ethereal lyrics and vivacious beats while artists such as Bruce Slaughter and Jaytekz almost strictly focuses on talking about more somber subjects such as depression, demons, and death. Overall, these artists have…
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Breezy’s Playlist

By Breanna Bonslater Rap artists G Herbo, Rafael Casal, and Defcee each  reminiscences about their childhood and how it has affected them as adults. The artists use unconventional styles of rap by playing with beats and flows. In my opinion, these songs are under appreciated and hope to increase the popularity of these songs. “Red…
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Elena’s Playlist

By Elena Wilson Often, we overlook the meaning of a song while listening to the catchy beat. But when we look deeper into the emotions and meaning behind a song, it makes the music that much more enjoyable. Three different songs from three different genres. What they have in common: The entertaining stories, melodies, and…
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Nani’s Playlist

By Nylijah Barnes  With the same Top 10 songs playing over the radio, listeners are starving for new music, or at least wanting to hear some of their favorite songs make it to the station. Soundcloud has recently become a source for people to get their fix when it comes to new music or lesser…
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