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The Lesson: 6/7/2017

The Lesson: 6/7/2017

Hello YCA Fam, 

Today is Wednesday, June 7th, AND it is also Gwendolyn Brooks's Birthday! Gwendolyn Brooks is so important to the work we do at YCA. We strive to honor her commitment to craft and community at all times. What better way to celebrate than by writing a poem today? As you know, every Wednesday we will be sharing a writing prompt to help you write. If you choose to write, please tag us on social media: @youngchiauthors on Twitter & @youngchicagoauthors on Instagram.

Today's prompt features a poem by Aracelis Girmay


Journeys that you take routinely.
Historic journeys that your family has taken (this is not necessarily a journey that you took, but one that you feel connected to)
The journey you take to learn (school/ library or a mental journey)
The journey your food takes to get to your table
The journey you take to eat
What animal do you think best represents your journey through life
Your favorite song to listen to while driving
Your favorite song to listen to while riding public transportation
Your favorite song to listen to while walking


Cooley High, Fifth Estrangement by Aracelis Girmay

Video here.


Write a poem about a journey that you have taken. Include one of the songs from your list. See if you can include the animal from the list. Find a way to incorporate a historical fact into your poem. Find a way to contradict someone in your poem.