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Breezy's Playlist

Breezy's Playlist

By Breanna Bonslater

Rap artists G Herbo, Rafael Casal, and Defcee each  reminiscences about their childhood and how it has affected them as adults. The artists use unconventional styles of rap by playing with beats and flows. In my opinion, these songs are under appreciated and hope to increase the popularity of these songs.

“Red Snow” G Herbo

G Herbo talks about the tragedy of gangs and black on black violence. Using his own childhood, he makes the song relatable to anybody who grew up in the hood and in a gang mentality. He discusses as a child being put in situations where he had to act like a man before actually getting the chance to grow into one. He also talks about life or death situations he’s experienced as an adult. He touches on the gang mentality that is causing tragedies, such as children being shot and killed. He doesn't try to defend his mentality and lifestyle, instead attacking it and how it has become too dangerous, especially for innocent people. The lyrics and melodic beat puts a new spin on the drill rap scene that G Herbo comes from.

“Bottom Bitch” Rafael Casal

Rafael reminiscences about his teenage years. He talks about how he selling and using drugs with his friends, fighting,  getting kicked out of school,  and a multitude of other activities he got into. As he lists them all, the chorus takes us back to talk about a girlfriend who stuck with him through thick and thin. Although he was doing stupid things and his future wasn’t secure, his girlfriend stayed with him through all of it and believed in him. This song isn’t exactly a love song, but a "thank you" for helping him out of the bad place he was in by staying by his side.

“Squares” Defcee

Defcee talks about growing up in a neighborhood where he was surrounded with hip-hop, an environment where he could experience all the different aspects that make up the genre. His friends and parents encouraged his hobby and helped him get to places he wouldn’t have been able to reach alone. Though he was surrounded with people who motivated him, there were still people who thought he was wasting his time. Defcee says that he was from the suburbs, but preferred to be in the hood because people in the hood accepted him and made him feel more at home. The song is nostalgic as he reflects on his childhood and how it helped him become the rapper he is today.