Due to COVID-19 YCA has suspended in-person programming. See our calendar for virtual programs.

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It takes over 400 volunteers to make #LTAB happen!

Some of our most helpful volunteer roles include:

  • Check-in/Greeter – LTAB greeters answer general questions and hand out festival guides. Greeters kick off the LTAB experience for all young poets and audience members as they arrive and help set the tone for the festival.
  • Merchandise/Ticket Sales – One of the ways YCA supports its Teaching Artists and poets is through the sale of their books. During the festival, volunteers will sell chapbooks, t-shirts, LTAB buttons, CDs and more. In addition to merchandise, tickets sales support YCA as a nonprofit organization, allowing us to create and execute youth programming throughout the year.
  • Timekeeper – Join YCA Teaching Artists and Tournament Staff in the role of Timekeeper. You will be checking poets in as they arrive and keeping track of their speaking times.
  • Crossing the Street Support – This event is the only mandatory event for all competing poets and coaches. It is an amazing day in which all LTAB poets, coaches and YCA staff come together to form the LTAB 2017 community. If you have been to Crossing the Street before, you know what a great day it is — if you haven’t and are available to volunteer, please do.
  • Social Media Ambassador – Help YCA create a social ‘buzz’ around Louder Than a Bomb. This is a crucial role open to all volunteers, no experience required
    YCA needs a digital army! We are looking for a group of dependable digital soldiers to create positive social ‘buzz’ around LTAB in and around bouts. Help voice your opinion, share memorable moments about poets, and be the secret eyes and ears around the fest!
  • Judge – Louder Than A Bomb is an Olympic-style tournament in which judges give poets a score from 1-10. No judging experience is necessary. Judges cannot be related to competing poets. This role is the one of the most important volunteer jobs in the festival. The tournament cannot happen without judges.

For any questions about volunteering for LTAB or YCA, please contact us at volunteer@youngchicagoauthors.org.