Escalation Process

Day to Day Operations.

The Executive Director and Human Resources will handle workplace employee concerns.

Suppose the concerns are between employees within YCA. In that case, both managers should be involved to support and coach the employees through resolution. Suppose the manager(s) are comfortable with resolving the concern. In that case, HR can be informed; however, HR does not have to be involved.

All concerns must be documented and stored on a shared file for HR visibility if the situation or similar situations arise. The Executive Director/Human Resources should be aware of the steps taken to work towards the resolution.

If the manager is a concern, the employee shall:

Inform the Executive Director to help resolve the matter creating a safe space for the employee 

Inform Human Resources to help resolve. If Human Resources was the first informed, said person would inform the Executive Director unless the concern includes the Executive Director.

Use the internal anonymous complaint document to capture the concerns that Human Resources will support to determine if an investigation or training is needed to mitigate the issues.

External Concerns

For external YCA concerns involving non-YCA contractors, freelancers, or employees, concerns are investigated to include the Executive Director, Human Resources, and raised to the Board. Further deliberation might consist of the involvement of outside counsel to mitigate the situation(s).

Suppose the issue involves an adult working directly with YCA. In that case, YCA reserves the right to investigate by suspending or terminating services with said person or institution until the issue is resolved. Resolutions might include permanent termination of services or direct interactions with Young Chicago Authors.

For issues of Child Abuse or Abuse reported to a Young Chicago Author employee regarding minors. As mandated reporters, the employee is expected to report the abuse or neglect by calling the 24-hour child abuse hotline at 800-252-2873 or go to the DCFS website at 24HOUR CHILD ABUSE HOTLINE

The Board must be updated on the issue and the final resolutions of actions taken.

If someone raises a concern based on Young Chicago Authors employee(s) interactions, said person would need to email This process will provide documented communication with Young Chicago Authors leadership aware of the concern to address. This email is connected to the Executive Director to review and respond and Human Resources to review and consult when needed on responses.


The Board shall be made aware and determine if legal is retained to mitigate issues and form resolutions.