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Why do you love teaching, poetry, or performance?

I love teaching because it reminds me that nothing belongs to me. Everything I have, I only have as a result of someone showing me, exposing me to really interesting things. I love poetry for similar reasons. I believe poetry and performance are gifts. They are gifts for all those who are witness to them.

Artist Statement

As a black, queer southerner and mixed media artist and writer, I explore notions of identity formations, (history) and the quantum imagination (futurisms), in short, I explore ontology; the way we become who we are. Finding inspiration in aspects of time and place, literary and social references as well as centering social and literary analytical frameworks. These frameworks include: afro postmodern poetics, afro surrealist aesthetics and afro pessimistic analysis. Through integrating unfiltered narratives, testimonies and stories of social conditions, with poetics, aesthetics and analysis, I hope to produce an expression and exhibition of the nuances of black beings-being.


My manuscript for undergrad was 151 pages long. Full of research, poetry, critical theory essays and abstract light art.

I’m proud of myself for that.

Writing Workshops

8/12/2022  “Word on the Block

For more visit the artist’s Stay Making page

Curriculum Example

Front of the House & Behind the House

Across the 24 lesson plans created, they have been divided into 4 sections based off the themes in each workshop. These themes are, R – Reflection, C – Craft, L – Legacy and M – Media. These sections arose out of the natural ways that differentiation has taken place in the development, construction of these workshops, icebreakers, and lesson plans, overall.

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