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National Poetry Month Writing Prompt 22/30

National Poetry Month Writing Prompt 22/30

Hello YCA Fam,

April is National Poetry Month, and many poets choose to write one poem each day during April to celebrate the occasion. This year, we are going to be posting a writing prompt every day during April to help you with this writing challenge. Many of these prompts were developed by the YCA Artistic team for our weekly writing workshop, Check The Method. If you write poems to these prompts, share them on social media and tag us (@youngchiauthors on Twitter & @youngchicagoauthors on Instagram).

Here is prompt number 20, which uses poems by Lisel Mueller.

Etiquette rules you disagree with
Rules you disagree with
Rules that were/are hard for you to learn
Lessons you learned the hard way



Civilizing The Child by Lisel Mueller via The Poetry Foundation




Write a poem that tells the story of a moment you learned a  hard lesson/ rule you disagree with. 
Write a poem that tells the story of a time you had to teach someone something even though you maybe didn’t agree fully with the lesson.