The Writing Teachers Collective is a space to bridge the gap between classroom teachers, mentors, and teaching artists.


By sharing best practices, curriculum ideas, and common struggles we can build a better literary community across the borders of Chicago. Every session addresses themes through creative writing and professional development.

The collective is a community organizing tool. We’ve had poets who taught and wanted to teach, teachers who wrote and wanted to use writing in their classroom, administrators who wanted to integrate creative writing into new and burdensome state standards, community arts organizations engaging youth, and some senior students who showed interest in teaching creative writing/spoken word/Hip-Hop poetry to other students.


Co-founders Kevin Coval and Anna West facilitated the first Writing Teachers Collective back in 1999 with a focus on fostering the continued growth of teachers who write and teach poetry. From this space, about 30 people met and shared best practices including workshops and brainstorming which later sparked the idea for Louder Than A Bomb.

Workshops are led by different facilitators; check our calendar for further info


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