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Miss Mulatto

Miss Mulatto


Miss Mulatto is a new rapper in the game. She has signed a label deal with Jermaine Dupri. She’s had singles out for a while now ,but has recently came out with an album named,”Latto Let ‘Em Know”. This album has 16 songs in total and some songs featuring famous rap artists and singers, such as Molly Brazy, Lil’ Key, 2-Crucial, Bandit Gang Marco, and Silento.

Each song has a story behind it as Miss Mulatto talks about how she was told she wouldn’t be anything when she was younger, but now she has a deal with Jermaine Dupri. Also growing up in Atlanta, Miss Mulatto has been called names in the past for having a white mother. She turned that negativity into something positive, which is how she got her name Miss Mulatto. In the song “Remember”, she talks about how she was told in the past she won’t make it, but look at where is she is now.


Some other songs have a message that Miss Mulatto has for haters and a person that she’s had beef with the past with. The song, “Real Princess”,she talks about how people beef with her because they’re mad, that she won the chain on the television show, “Rap Game”. Also in the song,” Running” ft. Molly Brazy, they both talk about their rap careers and the type of money, they make vs. other rappers. Miss Mulatto is the type of rapper that throws shade in her songs and keeps it 100 while doing it.

In this album, there is a mixture of topics for the songs. Some of the songs are about love, people hating and making dreams happen.

Some of the songs about love are directed towards her past love life. The song on her album, “Minute”,talks about how she hasn’t dated in a minute and she misses her ex. Also in the song, “Feelings” ft. Bandit Gang Marco she,talks about a boy and a girl having a relationship problem going back and forth.

For this to be Miss Mulatto’s first album she has really connected with her fans that are teenagers and older because she used some of the topics in the songs.For example her song, “Hold it down”. She’s older and she knows who, her friends are now, and who’s fake.