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Leadership Changes at Young Chicago Authors

March 4, 2021

The Young Chicago Authors’ (YCA) Board of Directors is announcing changes to the YCA executive staff. These efforts are a direct result of actions by staff on behalf of the community we serve. We acknowledge community members have been advocating for improvements in YCA’s safe space protocols going back as far as 2014.

  • Rebecca Hunter has resigned from her role as executive director at Young Chicago Authors (YCA). Hunter had previously announced in November 2020 her plan to end her tenure June 2021.
  • Kevin Coval’s contract to serve as YCA’s artistic director has been ended.
  • Demetrius Amparan will serve as interim executive director. Amparan has previously served YCA as Donor Relations Manager and Director of Publications and Communications.  Amparan, who is an alumnus of YCA, has the full support of the board and staff. We’re confident in his ability to lead staff during this transition period.

The board also is responding to these issues by supporting the staff’s call for a 90-day plan to create safe spaces that are affirming and restorative. We as a board understand that our position provides power to promote safe space and respond to safe space violations. With guidance from staff and community, we commit to a process of learning to improve our response to these situations.

Young Chicago Authors has a 30-year commitment to support Chicago’s youth in finding their own voices and telling their own stories. This mission is enduring, even as our community works to reckon with its own collective story. As a governing board, we hold dear our opportunity to serve this community and create spaces that are safe, affirming, and restorative for us all.



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